What kind of roaches can bearded dragons eat?

Here is a list of what kind of roaches can bearded dragons eat:

  1. Dubia roaches
  2. Giant islander roaches

Among the various types of cockroaches that you usually see, Bearded Dragons can mostly eat Dubia roaches. There are a lot of different types of roaches out there. I know. But the list of what kind of roaches can bearded dragons eat is not that much long.

Before getting along with the details, always remember that it is our responsibility as pet owners, that we take proper care of the animals that are our responsibility. 

At any stage, we need to be attentive about everything that we are feeding to the animal. while learning about what kind of roaches can bearded Dragons eat, we need to be specific about the type of cockroaches.

And not only for cockroaches, but for any type of insects or plants that we might feed to bearded dragon we need to be attentive about the type of the food as well. 

Roaches have a tendency of biting and eating things. So, if you are wondering will dubia roaches bite the bearded dragon, there is very less possibility. Beardies and other similar lizards attack and eat their prey so fast, that there is very little chance of getting any sort of damage.

What kind of roaches can bearded dragons eat?

Dubia Roaches for baby bearded Dragons 

Some might want to feed Dubia roaches for bearded Dragons. Baby bearded Dragons can eat Dubia roaches. But you cannot feed a whole Roach to a baby Beardie.

A baby bearded dragon can consume up to 1/4 inch of the size of a Dubia roach. It is the best recommendation for baby bearded Dragons. As time passes by, and the age gets a little bit older and bigger, you can increase the size of the Dubia Roach for up to half an inch. 

Baby bearded Dragons have a really sensitive digestive system. So about what kind of roaches can bearded Dragons eat, you need to learn about the size of the insect first. Because the size plays an important role here the amount of Dubia roach that you can feed your bearded dragon is somewhere around 30 to 50 micro sized Dubia roach three times per day. The size of the Dubia roach is basically 1/4 of an inch sized nymph. 

How to choose and find roaches to bearded dragons

Choosing a good collection of roaches is really easy. The local pet store has it all. You can also ask the owner of the stores about what kind of roaches can bearded dragons eat, and he should give you suggestions for the best one. In the US, in almost every neighborhood has a pet store. You will find all that you need right there.

Bearded Dragons can only eat Dubia roaches with 100% safety. There are some other roaches that a beardie can eat. But in that case, the 100% thing won’t be available anymore. Apart from this type of cockroach, any other type of the same class can be lethal for the bearded dragon. The worst part about the situation is that some types of roaches contain parasites that can be problematic for bearded Dragons. And some parasites can also be even lethal. So, you need to be careful about the type of Roach that you are feeding to your bearded dragon. 

Bearded Dragons eat roaches, but you need to be picky and also attentive about the type of roaches that you feed to your bearded dragon. The type of common roach that you might find in your house is obviously not recommended for feeding a beardie. In any case, you need to remember that you need to have just the right thing for the animal

While you are concerned about your bearded dragon eating roaches, you also need to learn about the form in which you need to present the Dubia roach. 

Here are two important facts about the number of roaches for a beardie:

How many dubia roaches to feed a baby bearded dragon 

You can feed around 25-50 dubia roach nymphs to a baby bearded dragon around twice a day. That should be enough for the beardie cutie.  

How many dubia roaches for juvenile bearded dragon 

The number is pretty much the same. Around 20 to 50, but three times a day. And don’t worry, the size is so small, that you might even think that it is not enough for the beardie. 

Can bearded dragons eat roaches 

Yes, bearded dragons can eat roaches. But only Dubia roaches are recommended for them. Any other type of roaches might have a chance to be harmful for the beardies. And in some cases, it can be even lethal as well. So, choose wisely. 

The answer of this question what kind of roaches can bearded Dragons eat, is pretty simple. But there are other facts before you feed Dubia Roach to bearded dragon. 

First of all, you need to remember that you cannot feed dead roaches to bearded dragon. In any cases, apart from the vegetarian items, it is always recommended and strictly instructed that you give live insects and objects for bearded Dragons to feed on.

As dead insects or animals have a really low ratio of nutrition, it is always recommended to avoid dead insects or animals at all cost. 


Yes, it is true that bearded dragons eat roaches, but that doesn’t mean that you can pick anything and give it to the beardie. Only dubia roaches are suitable. You can also get dubia roaches for baby bearded dragons. 

Can bearded Dragons eat giant Islander roaches 

Yes, bearded Dragons can eat giant Islander roaches. But only from certified and authorized pet stores. Apart from that, it just might contain lethal parasites for the bearded dragon. In all cases, getting cockroaches or any other form of roaches for your bearded dragon can be harmful. 

In the list of what kind of roaches can bearded dragons eat, both of the name are pretty safe for the beardie to have. You do not need to worry about the safety at all.

How many roaches should a bearded dragon eat 

For a baby bearded dragon you can feed an average of 25 miniature-sized roaches, which are known as nymphs. For 2-3 times a day. For an adult beardie, the number is around 4-5 full-grown roaches. Around twice a day. Not more than that. 

If you are looking for another all-time food for bearded dragons, then you can try bsfl for bearded dragons as well. They are one of the best food items for the bearded dragons on a regular basis. 

Can bearded Dragons eat house roaches 

It is not recommended that you let your bearded dragon to hunt down house roaches. Neither it is recommended that you should give house roaches to your bearded dragon. There is a reason for that. To truly understand what kind of roaches can bearded dragons eat, you need to understand the principle the first target is to get the bearded dragon proper nutrition. The second target is to give harmless food. 

House roaches might contain harmful parasites or other types of toxic chemicals. Which can be damaging to the intestines and the digestive system of the bearded dragon. So, it is recommended that you should not let your bearded dragon eat house roaches. 

How to feed dubia roaches to bearded dragons 

You need to feed the roach in an alive form. You cannot feed dead roaches to bearded dragons. 

Now, as per the specific instructions, there are a few steps that you need to follow. The steps are discussed in the following paragraph. 

Roaches or any other insects are to be fed always in alive form. No dead insects or any type of food is ever recommended. For baby bearded Dragons you need to pick the smallest size of dubia roaches. 

Around 25 or 50 roaches is probably enough for feeding the baby bearded dragon at least twice a day. Don’t get fooled by the number right here because the size of the roaches that we are talking about is almost as big as a grain of a rice. 

You can present the roaches in a plate or directly in front of the bearded dragon. Don’t worry the beardie will take care of the rest. 


There are only to names of what kind of roaches can bearded dragons eat. Mainly dubia and giant islander. But between these two, dubia is recommended because this type of roaches has the safest nature for the bearded dragon. As it is our responsibility to ensure that our pet animals get the best food, this type of Roach is the most reliable one. 

Regular cockroaches from your house or any untrusted sources are definitely a no-go. if you have any suggestions or recommendations for our content, feel free to reach us in the comments section down below. If you want to talk even more with us or if you want to learn about anything else, you can reach directly to us with the contact information given at the bottom of the page. We will be more than happy to help you out. 

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