What is BSFL for bearded Dragons? (Best everyday food!)

If this name is totally new to you, then you are in for a treat for your beardie! What is BSFL for bearded dragons? It is a type of insect that is a perfect match for being a regular feeder.

BSFL is one of the best food for bearded Dragons. It basically means black soldier fly larva. There is a lot of information needed on this topic as this is one of the few “everyday food” for bearded dragons. But if this is new to you, then you can learn a lot about what is BSFL for bearded dragons.

Before starting on with the main information, always remember that as pet owners, it is our responsibility to ensure the lives that are our responsibilities a proper and balanced nature. 

Before feeding or doing anything for the animal, we need to make sure that whether or not it is suitable for the animal itself. With that being said let’s start with what is BSFL for bearded Dragons

What is BSFL for bearded Dragons

Are BSFL good for bearded Dragons? 

BSFL is of course, good for bearded Dragons. In fact, all the other food items that you usually see is recommended either once or twice a week, or even once in a month! But what about the things that you can feed your beardie on a regular basis? That is exactly what BSFL for bearded dragons is.

BSFL for bearded dragons is pretty much a safe game to play. There is absolutely no harmful elements in these tiny insects. There is even more to this! The thing is that BSFL for bearded dragons costs really cheap! Like you can get almost a month’s stock within less than twenty dollars only!

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BSFL is one of the best everyday food that you can get for bearded Dragons. Not only for bearded Dragons but for most of the lizards and similar animals such as frogs, turtles, other amphibians, love this type of food.

It is filled with nutrition and enriched vitamins and minerals which makes it one of the best food items for bearded Dragons. If you were searching for what insect can bearded dragon eat, then in that answer, you would probably find the name of BSFL in that list 

Why is black soldier fly larvae so good? 

BSFL or the small version/ baby version of black soldier fly is one of the best food items for bearded Dragons. As throughout this website, we have discussed several information on which food items can you feed your bearded dragon. Many of them were something like this that they can be only fed as a small treat or once or twice in a whole week. 

But on a regular basis, black soldier fly larvae is one of the best items that you can get. BSFL has been one of the subjects of admiration among the community of reptile owners. Mainly for the superior nutrition benefits. If you want proper food for baby bearded Dragons that you can feed on a regular basis, then black soldier fly larvae is one of the best things. 

with a proper balance of all of the minerals and important nutrients needed for a baby bearded dragon if you feed BSFL to your baby bearded dragon, it will grow faster.  That is why, whenever you are searching for food for bearded Dragons over the Internet, you would see the term “what is BSFL for bearded Dragons” a lot in the suggestions because it has been searched for so many times and it has such popularity.


BSFL is one of the most loved and admired food for bearded Dragons. You can get them in a large mass with really low cost. Bearded dragons are a bit different than your regular pet animals, I know that. But with just a little bit of effort, you too can be a proud dad of a cute beardie. If you have any questions regarding any of the information throughout this article, then feel free to reach to us via the comment section down below. 

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