What herbs can bearded dragons eat?

Basil, Bay leaves, Coriander, dill leaves are some of the herbs that bearded dragons can eat. Down below are some of the items of what herbs can bearded dragons eat safely:

  • Cilantro.
  • Rosemary.
  • Parsley.
  • Sage.
  • Lavender.

There are some other herbs that beardies can eat as well. Herbs play an important role for giving all the proper minerals and vitamins to bearded dragons. That’s why choosing the right one is important.

Before starting, let me remind you that bearded Dragons are exotic animals. This means that their habitat and food nature is to be maintained at all costs. 

Unless you are maintaining the animal properly, you can seriously injure or even cause a lethal situation for the animal itself.

Can bearded Dragons eat herbs 

Yes, they can. In fact, there is a huge list of herbs that bearded Dragons can eat. In the list of herbs for bearded Dragons, make sure that you are not picking up it from your front or backyard. It is mostly recommended that you select herbs and any other type of food from a certified pet food store. 

There are a couple of names for the herbs bearded dragons can eat. In any cases, you need proper knowledge on the exact item that you are feeding to the animal. To properly understand about the important minerals and elements that you need for bearded dragons, you need a little bit of research and some understanding on the matter. You see, beardies are quite sensitive but also easy to handle. When you are doing research and trying to understand the materials needed for them, you will understand what herbs can bearded dragons eat.

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List of What herbs can bearded dragons eat 

Here is a complete list of what herbs can bearded dragons eat

And others. 

Can you feed bearded Dragons herbs that you personally grow? 

The answer is yes and no both. Yes, if the herb is properly suitable for the bearded dragon. No, if you are not 100% assure of the fact whether or not the herb can be suitable for the bearded dragon.

Understanding what herbs can bearded dragons eat is really easy. You just need to look at the minerals that a beardie needs. After that, cross check that information with the minerals of the herbs that you are thinking about. You would get a decent idea of what you need to do.

Because any imbalance of the food habit for the bearded dragon can cause severe issues in its digestive system and its very survival as well.

Can you feed wild herbs to bearded dragons? 

Of course not! Bearded dragons have a sensitive system of immune and digestive functions. Any wild herbs that the animal itself finds or you pick from your back yard.  It is always recommended that you conduct proper research on an item before feeding it to the bearded dragon. 

With all of the information and the list given regarding what herbs can bearded dragons eat, I think it should be enough for you to understand about the list of herbs that you can feed to bearded dragons.

Can you feed bearded Dragons with herbs all the time

No, you probably shouldn’t do that. Bearded Dragons are exotic animals. Also, they have a sensitive digestive system. This means that the proper nutrition and diet child has to be maintained for them in order to have a healthy and thriving life for the animals.

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In any cases, you should maintain a proper balance of the vegetarian and nonvegetarian items that you are giving to the bearded dragon. Make sure that you have looked into the chart of nutrition before feeding any item to the animal. Overfeeding and underfeeding both are equally harmful and also can be lethal for the animal. 


This was all that you need to know about what herbs can bearded dragons eat. If you have any questions regarding any of the information, please let there’s no in the comment section. Bearded Dragons can mainly eat basil, fresh dill leaves, oregano, similar other herbs and plants. For more information on bearded Dragons, feel free to check out the rest of the website. You can also reach to us with the contact information given at the bottom of the page. 

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