Can bearded dragons eat dog food? (not recommended!)

Bearded dragons cannot eat dog food. Certain reptiles can consume dog food. And that is good for them as well. But bearded dragons have a rather soft and sensitive digestive system. So, can bearded dragons eat dog food?

As already mentioned, bearded dragons have a weak digestive system. 

Which might be a cause for trouble inside the stomach of a beardie. It is never recommended that you feed dog food to a bearded dragon. 

For instant snacks, there are other things that you can feed to the dragon. But never go for dog food!

Can bearded dragons eat dog food
God food with bearded dragons

Is wet dog food good for bearded dragons? 

No, it isn’t. There are some certain animals in the reptilian class that have the ability to eat dog food. And the best part is that the wet dog food is even good for them to have an all-round diet. Can bearded dragons eat dog food gets a lot of attention for the search of a proper snack. But dog food is made with really high amount of protein and calcium.

Added amount of these elements can cause stomach depression, loose motion and several other problems for the bearded dragons. That is why, dog food is not recommended for bearded dragons to eat.

Can bearded Dragons eat food for any other animals? 

It is mostly recommended that you do not follow this procedure. Bearded Dragons are exotic animals. They also are evolved in the region of desert and tropical countries. Which means that they have a different digestive system and also natural habitat from the rest of the world. For that, giving only 100% assured food is recommended.

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Some lizards actually can (apart from bearded dragons) eat dog food. But beardies are sensitive enough for not being able to handle all that added calcium and protein in their system.

Can you feed other ready food to bearded dragons?

To be honest, apart from the already safe foods for beardies, it is recommended that you do not go for any experiments. That should be better for the whole situation.

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