What wood is safe for bearded dragons [Mainly 3 types]

Here is a list of what wood is safe for bearded dragons:

  • Oak
  • Birch
  • Poplar

There are some other woods that you can include as well. But target to keep a proper humidity while doing so.

We know that you love that cute beardie of yours. That’s why you need to learn decorate the living area for the lizard. In a normal enclosure, people are putting all sorts of thing to make a comfortable environment for the dragon to live in. As they are not in their natural habitat anymore, we need to make it comfortable for them.

There is a few names in the list of what wood is safe for bearded dragons. Bear in mind that the type of wood will also have effect inside the environment of the Vivarium. So, choose wisely with all the other products.

Inside the enclosure, the aim is to create as natural as possible for the beardie.

As they are from a hot and tropical-like country, their climate and temperature endurance are quite different from ours.  

Why do you need wood inside beardie’s enclosure 

There are 2 reasons for this. First, to create a forest-like and natural vibe for the beardie. Second, to give the animal chance to have variation and a little bit of hiking experience inside the enclosure. About what wood is safe for bearded dragons, the most important part is making the whole enclosure enjoyable for the animal. 

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As bearded Dragons are exotic animals, it is really important that we take care of giving it its natural habitat not only for exotic animals, but also for any other animals that are our pet animals. In most of the cases, we only take care of the food and how we present the food to the animals. But very little do we care about giving it a natural habitat.  

The woods not only make the weather inside better, but it also gives the dragon a bit variety to roam within. Which is quite great actually.

Wood for bearded dragon cages 

Here is a complete list of what wood is safe for bearded dragons. Remember that, some of the wood might absorb humidity. Adjust the settings of the humidifier accordingly. And if you want to completely play it safe, please refer to the list given at the starting of this content.

Wood for bearded dragon cages 

Where can you get bearded dragon wood logs

Let’s discuss about where can you get bearded dragon wood logs in most cases, if you have the prescribed type of tree in your very own front yard or backyard, you can simply take one or two dry twigs of the tree itself and then carefully place it along with the decoration. 

In most cases, if you are looking for wood for bearded dragon cages, simply go to the pet store and search for bearded dragon products you can also look up on Amazon marketplace for decorative enclosure elements. There is a whole separate section right there. 

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You can also get recommendations for What wood is safe for bearded dragons in your local stores as well. But try not to get apart from the list given above. It is for the best cause. As not all types of wood and trees produce or absorb the same amount of moisture, it is important to get the proper wood. That is why learning about the perfect wood for bearded dragons is important. You can also check some of the other contents uploaded in this site. There are a lot of information about bearded dragons on our site.


We know that you love your bearded dragon. That is why you are here, looking for information to make the life of that animal better while it is your responsibility. In the list of what wood is safe for bearded dragons, we have included a few names that are totally safe. Mainly Oak is 100% safe. But there are other options as well. You can try mixing up some of the choices given here. You might come up with something that is really unique! Even, your choice and combination can be the best as well!

Feel free to share your pick and personal preferences on what wood is safe for bearded dragons. We would love to hear from you! You can share your thought directly in the comment section down below.

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