Can bearded dragons eat baby spinach? Full explanation

So, can bearded dragons eat baby spinach? Kind of a neutral situation here actually. Bearded dragons can eat baby spinach, but not too much.

Spinach is really good for us humans. And from some of the TV shows fro children, you are going to see that this thing makes the best out of us for giving us powers. But the same will not be applicable for bearded dragons as well.

Always remember that bearded Dragons are exotic animals. That is why it is important for us to get them the perfect and balanced diet. 

Can bearded dragons eat baby spinach
baby spinach

How much baby spinach can you feed your bearded dragon? 

The amount of baby spinach is pretty much regular as the regular spinach. As it is important for maintaining a perfect and equal balance ratio of potassium and calcium inside bearded Dragons. It is important for us that we do not feed any type of food that contains higher level of one element whereas on the other hand it is lower on the other element.  

So exactly how much can bearded dragons eat baby spinach? Somewhere around 5 grams of the thing over the course of one month. Not more than that. I hope that you are able to understand the level of tolerance that you are going to have here. As it is a season of baby spinach, it is common to have this question in mind. This explanation might give you the answer. 

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How to feed baby spinach to bearded dragons 

As regular spinach. Around 50 grams, fine chopped and mixed with a combo salad. And of course, not more than twice a week. Spinach is really enriched with calcium. And it is important to maintain an equal ratio of potassium and calcium for the dietary chart for bearded dragons. 


Beardies are amazing little creatures. And as pet owners, our duty is to make sure that we are giving the animals the perfect and natural habitat that they deserve. In terms of can bearded dragons eat baby spinach, it is not something that they would have had as a food in their natural habitat. Not to exactly avoid this at all, but you can feed only a little baby spinach to your beardie.. If you want to learn more details about how to take care of a bearded dragon and other essential products for beardies, check out the other articles of our website

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