Can bearded Dragons eat Wasps? – Never try this!

No, it is not recommended that bearded dragons should eat Wasps. Also, as pet owners, you need to be attentive that they are not hunting down any sorts of Wasps. Beardies eat a lot of insects. In fact, they love insects. You might be thinking about can bearded Dragons eat wasps or not. But you already know the reply to that, don’t you?

Wasps contain severe toxic chemicals and nutrition that are not necessary for bearded Dragons.

That is why it is important that you should not feed Wasps to bearded dragon. The other day, at the vet, I went to check for some regular first aid medicine for my beardie. There, I saw another guy with a beardie with really sick situation. He was really shocked. As he thought that beardies will be happy to have wasps. You have no idea how much pain was that lizard in.

Can bearded Dragons eat Wasps

Are Wasps good for bearded dragon?

Wasps are not good for bearded Dragons. It is one of the most important parts that you should know about can bearded dragons eat Wasps or not.

Bearded dragon can eat a wide variety of vegetables and insects. But whenever you are considering about outdoor insects the situation is different.

It is also advisable that you monitor your better dragon properly. So that they are not hunting for Wasps. In fact, you should also try your best not to trap any outdoor insects for them.

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As people want to know about can bearded dragon eat Wasps or not, it is recommended to mention that none of the outdoor insects are to be fed to bearded dragon without any supervision or experts’ opinion.

Why should you avoid Wasps for bearded dragon?

The first thing is that wasps contain deadly toxins. Which can be lethal for bearded Dragons. If you are feeding bearded dragon with Wasps or any other insect caught from the outdoors, you might even jeopardize the life of the animal.

As responsible pet owners, it is our responsibility to be attentive and cautious of everything that we are feeding the pet animals.

Before I explain it why wasps are not good for beardies, think by yourself. When a wasp bite on your skin, what happens next? That tremendous pain and suffering is caused due to a safety mechanism of the wasp’s biological body. When your beardie eats a wasp. That toxic which was previously stored inside that insect, is now inside the bearded dragon. Now let me ask you the same question again, can bearded dragons eat wasps?

Is it OK if a bearded dragon eats a bee or a wasp?

No, of course not. It is never recommended that bearded Dragons should eat bees or Wasps. As such insects can be lethal and quite toxic for the lizards, it is recommended that your bearded dragon stays away from such types of insects.

The problem is that bearded Dragons have a natural tendency and instinct of hunting down insects. That is why you need to keep your house clean from any sort of outdoor pests or insects. This might answer your question regarding Can bearded Dragons eat Wasps.


So, can bearded dragons eat wasps? It is really instructed that you don’t feed wasps to your bearded dragon. Neither you should let the beardie hunt down any wasps by itself.

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