All about witblits bearded dragon

Bearded Dragons are quite popular. Especially in the United States and the United Kingdom. There are a lot of people who love exotic animals.

Especially lizards. Bearded Dragons are considered as the best results to have as pet animals. There is a point behind it. In this article, we will discuss all the facts that you should know about witblits bearded dragon. 

We will also discuss some of the basic types of Bearded Dragons. In most of the cases, bearded Dragons are kept as pet animals in the United States and the united kingdom’s region.

There are still other countries and nations that have an interest in bearded Dragons. But in terms of ratio, US and UK are the highest. Bearded Dragons are mainly from desert countries.

witblits bearded dragon

Countries such as the Middle East, Australia, some other tropical and Bay Area countries also have different species of Bearded Dragons.

This means that bearded Dragons have one thing in common despite of their different species. And that is heat. Doesn’t matter if that heat is also coming with the humidity of the tropical area or if it is pure dry that of the desert area. 

And that is exactly why we need to be cautious about bearded Dragons. Because we are responsible for another life. And we should be attentive and also cautious about what we are doing about that animal and for that animal. 

If you want to get a witblits bearded dragon for yourself, we will be also discussing how to get witblits bearded dragon for sale. 

Outline of the article 

In this article, there will be several facts. The first will basically describe different types of bearded dragons. After which, we will discuss witblits bearded dragon. As there are several types of Bearded Dragons. It is important for us to learn about each of them. And if we are interested in getting one for ourselves, the necessity is even higher. 

In terms of the situation where you want to buy a female with a blitz-bearded dragon, the situation is also different from all the other types. There is a reason for that. Due to the fact that women bearded dragons have a complicated circle of pregnancy and reproduction, it can be quite confusing and difficult for us to maintain. This article will cover all of that. 

If you want to buy with blitz bearded dragon, stay to the end of this article. There will be several facts and answers to your questions. 

About witblits bearded dragon 

Before starting with this specific species, let’s talk about bearded Dragons in general. Bearded Dragons are in the lizard class of animals.

This means that they are firstly cold-blooded, from a hot climate, prone to damage in cold weather. Due to the fact that most of the owners of bearded Dragons are from the United States and the United Kingdom, it might be hard for you to imagine regarding the fact how do they maintain their animals. 

The first answer is that bearded Dragons are always kept in their enclosure systems. Then what about the images that you see that the owners are holding their bearded Dragons in their hands? That is not going on for the entire day. Owners often take their bearded Dragons out of their enclosure for a certain amount of time.

But after only a short period, they are to put it back into its natural habitat. Bearded Dragons are quite fragile in terms of durability. Due to the fact that they are in a completely different environment, building a proper humid and hot enclosure system is really important. 

Maintaining a proper system of humidity and heat is really important for a bearded dragon. Now, about the main topic, witblits bearded dragonWitblits bearded dragon is basically one of the formations of genetic mutations that have been done on bearded Dragons. 

Before explaining further about witblits bearded dragons, let’s discuss just a little intro regarding genetic mutations on bearded Dragons. 

Genetic mutation and witblits bearded dragon 

Bearded Dragons are found in different variations and genetic mutations. most of the cases, mutations are discovered as natural causes.

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This means that due to change in climate, weather, mixed species breeding, and similar other events, genetic mutations and mixed-up genetics exist.

 But there are also some cases where people try to breed between two different species of bearded Dragons and come up with a third one.

In this part of this article, we will discuss about that. The overall appearance of bearded Dragons has shown a large number of genetic mutations. There are several types of genetic mutations. Which includes:

  • Hypo melanism 
  • Translucent 
  • Paradox 
  • Donner 
  • Genetic stripe 
  • Leatherback 
  • Silk back 
  • Microscale 
  • Zero 
  • Witblits 
  • Silverback 

There are also constantly upgrading and evolving genetic mutations happening in bearded Dragons. In this article, we will be discussing mostly about witblits bearded dragons. 

Witblits bearded dragon 

This is basically one of the three main recessive mutations. These mutations cause bearded Dragons and their scales to be completely patternless.

Discovered in a similar time as the ZERO mutation, it is one of the most popular forms of bearded Dragons that are available in different houses in the western region. 

The first thing that you are going to notice about with blitz bearded dragon is that it has an orange/tan type of color. 

With almost no specific or visible pattern on them, they are one of the most peculiar and distinguished bearded Dragons of all time. It was first discovered in the region of South Africa full stock the name itself means white lighting. 

Despite of the fact that these types of bearded Dragons are not white at all. By white lighting, it basically means the absence of any other sort of color or pattern or any other variations.  Earlier stages of the mutation were relatively brown in color.

Natural habitat for witblits bearded dragon 

As we already know that bearded Dragons are from desert countries. Which signifies the fact that they are from hot and humid culture. But when people from the United States, UK, Canada, and similar other countries have them as pets. Most of them create inclusive systems. For those who do not create enclosure systems, they have When subjected to severe medical imbalance and sometimes critical situations. 

But as witblits bearded dragon is a genetically mutated form of bearded Dragons. The question is that whether or not some type of treatment should be available for this lizard? 

Before starting the main point, let’s discuss something about bearded Dragons and their habitat in general. From the previous discussions, we already have some of the confirmed information. The first of one of which is that a comparatively higher amount of heat and humidity is needed.

Maintaining a steady amount of humidity is also important. Bearded Dragons are prone to damaging their teeth and intestines upon eating harmful food or even heard food. So having a proper and balanced dietary system is important. 

What do we know from this? We know exactly that bearded Dragons are quite fragile. Unlike other lizards, which are quite ferocious and strong, bearded Dragons are comparatively weak. But that is also why they make such good pets. Because they have less possibility towards attacking or biting human beings.

Just like cats, bearded Dragons have also shown acknowledgment to the affection that they received from their owners.  All of these facts lead toward only one statement. And that is bearded Dragons are quite fragile and friendly animals in the lizard class. But As for their natural habitat and feeding pattern, the genetically mutated species need proper attention on them.

Witblits bearded dragons and its habitat 

With all of the things said, let’s look at its habitat. In most of the sectors cover it has pretty much the same characteristics of a general bearded dragon.

This means that the genetically mutated version of the animal does not have any different preferences or likings. You might be confused right here. 

It is very possible that you will be asking why there is no difference. If the entire animal is genetically mutated, and it has been altered, then why there is no change in this? 

The thing is that, the mutation is done mostly on the looks and the body size of it. But on a core level, there is absolutely no change at all.

This means the very basic nature and behavioral patterns of a bearded dragon will still say the same. This means that even witblits bearded dragons have similar characteristics as any other bearded Dragons. 

Maintaining a proper humidity and heat source inside the enclosure system for a witblits bearded dragon is the same as the other ones. If you do not have any knowledge on making enclosure systems and how to keep your bearded dragon healthy. Please check out the other articles on our website.

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There is plenty of information that will come in handy for you.  Even if you want to learn something else about bearded Dragons. Just let us know. We are always here to help you out. 

Origin of witblits bearded dragons 

In terms of witblits bearded dragons, there is a lot of confusion. Because they are from a mutated genome family, it is hard to pinpoint their exact origin. But for the most part, and the sources that we can gather from the media.

We can easily assume that the origin of witblits bearded dragon is from South Africa. So witblits bearded dragon has a huge relationship with South Africa. This clarifies some other questions at the same time as well. 

If you remember, from a previous part of this article, we talked about the habitat and natural environment for a witblits bearded dragon. We discussed that even if it has been mutated, it will still have the basic core features of its genome sequence. 

If you had any confusion with that, this can clear it out even better. You can see that witblits bearded dragons are basically derived from the South African genome. This means that their core feature is still that of a South African bearded dragon. South Africa is still a desert/ tropical country. 

This means that even if you don’t believe that a mutated bearded dragon might have a different genome sequence. It still won’t be possible for it to have anything different. Because the core feature is still from South Africa. This is obviously, one of the basic criteria faced countries that we are talking about.

Physical attributes of witblits bearded dragon 

Let’s talk about some of the physical attire of the lizard. Order to bearded Dragons are quite well known for their colorful stop unlike the other variations, they have absolutely no discontinuance in their pattern. This means that they don’t have any specific pattern, rather than their body seeming like a plain sheet. 

In most cases, they don’t even have severely large scales or any sort of color pattern on their body as well. That’s why they have also earned a nickname called the white-bearded dragon. While not as in the color white. But it is more like the absence of any variation. Just in the same way why a static buzz is called white noise. 

After the outer looks, come the inner parts. In terms of durability and adaptability, part of bearded Dragons is quite similar to the other variants that there are available. In some cases, due to the lack of large scales on their skin, they have shown intention towards avoiding sudden heat or cold exposure.

That is for an obvious cause. Due to the fact that they don’t have that much of any scale pattern on their body, their inner skin is more prone to the sudden change of temperature. That’s why it is recommended not to take out order to bearded dragon all of a sudden and hold it close to human. Because that can cause sudden temperature change on its skin. 

It can also make the animal quite uncomfortable. In some cases, the animal can have severe symptoms of depression and is not willing to eat or do anything. That can cause further damage to its intestines and other important organs. It is very important that we be cautious about each of the steps that we are taking for our Bearded Dragons. 

In general, part of bearded Dragons is most likely to grow up to 20 inches from nose to the tip of the tail as fully grown adults. But most likely, you are going to see the toddler or teenagers of bearded Dragons.

This means that the dragon that you are going to be holding in your hand is more likely to be from the range of 6 inches to 10 inches in general.  As witblits, bearded dragons have a higher sensitivity to changing heat.

It is very much possible that they will have a comparatively less life expectancy. Because they are more prone to damage and harm in terms of sudden weather and temperature change. Which can obviously, cause severe damage to the animals in our systems. 

 Purchasing a witblits bearded dragon 

Now that we have learned a lot of information about water appeared dragon. It is time for us to learn where can we find one.

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If you are feeling interested in getting one of the same kind, you need to be really cautious.

There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, not all sorts of bearded Dragons are available and made illegal in all of the countries around the world.

Before getting one, you need to make sure that the type of bearded dragon is considered a legal animal to have a pet. 

Because sometimes, due to the lack of proper reproduction, some animals are declared as dangerous species in some certain countries.

And if you belong to one of those countries, then you are not going to be able to keep a certain animal. Learn the laws and the legislature of your space before actually trying to get a positive bearded dragon. 

Now, where can you buy witblits bearded dragon? In most of the cases, you can contact your local pet store, animal shelter, animal welfare society, and pretty much they are going to be able to give you all the information that you need. If you require further information or if you want to go solo. And you are 100% assured that it is legal in your country or in your state to have bought a bearded dragon as a pet animal.

You can easily look up “Craigslist witblits bearded dragon” and you’re going to have a lot of options in front of you. But such a type of online marketing also has its own set of downsides. Double-check and make sure that you are not being subjected to any fraudulent actions. I hope that you’re going to be good to go. 


Can I feed my witblits bearded dragon with regular bearded dragon food?

Yes, you can. Portal bearded dragon is also a type of bearded dragon. And they all have pretty much the same food habit and capability.

Should I feed sweet witblits to my witblits bearded dragon?

Yes, you can feed them. But sweet witblits is quite enriched in vitamin A full stop if you are giving more than the prescribed amount within a prescribed time, you’re going to cause vitamin A toxicity inside the bloodstream of the bearded dragon. Make sure that you have proper knowledge about exactly how much sweet witblits that you can feed to your portal bearded dragon. And only after that try it yourself full stuff if you require more information on this, please feel free to check on other articles on this website, there is plenty of information on this topic.

How big can a witblits bearded dragon grow?

In terms of positive bearded dragon size, they are pretty much the average-sized bearded dragon. The only difference is that they seem just a bit smaller in comparison with the other species. As they don’t have larger scales on their skin or any sort of different pattern of scale, they seem comparatively small. But overall, in terms of their flesh and skeleton structure, they are pretty much the same size.


In this article, we discussed a lot about the information of both having and also regarding how to buy witblits bearded dragon. If you have any questions regarding any of the information mentioned in this article. Please let us know. You can either put a comment in the comment section down below. Or, you can contact us directly with the contact information given at the bottom of this page. 

Remember, a portal bearded dragon is also a form of the bearded dragon. This means that it would still have the core features of a regular bearded dragon. At any stage and all stages of being a pet owner, it is our responsibility to be cautious and attentive towards every single detail. Because the condition and future of another life are in our hands. We need to be sure that we are taking the proper measures and necessary steps at all stages. 

If you want to learn about breeding witblits bearded dragon, stay tuned to the News Letter of this website, you’re going to have lots of information on that. Because we upload regular content on the bearded dragons and various information on Bearded Dragons.

Even if you don’t see something that you need to learn right now, it might be just a couple of hours away that we upload the content on that same topic.  If you like our content, feel free to let us know, and appreciate our work. If you have any recommendations or any corrections that you might want to add, please let us know about that as well.

We will be more than happy to communicate with you and be of service in a better way. if you have any requests regarding any specific sector of a bearded dragon, let us know with the contact information. We would be more than happy to help you out in that case. As we are doing constant research on bearded Dragons, it is very much possible that your recommendation might be featured on our next done.

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