Paradox Bearded Dragon

Paradox bearded dragon is a form the reptile animal achieved with a genetic mutation. Basically, it is a type of bearded dragon that you might see as a pet animal. In this article, we will discuss all the details about this type of bearded dragon

There will be further discussion on different types of this animal including paradox bearded dragon.

If you are a person that wants to have a pet animal in the lizard class, then a bearded dragon might be the best solution for the case.

Several forms of bearded dragons can be found via the processes that are available to us in the genetic mutation category.

This article is mainly dedicated to paradox bearded dragon. But there will be more details on the different sectors of the reptile. And we will try our best to give information to make you a more sensible pet owner of this class.

Let’s talk about paradox bearded dragons first. Then we will move on to further details and deeper into the subject matter. 

Paradox Bearded Dragon

Paradox bearded dragon: All the basics that you need to know

Paradox, or also known as paradox morph bearded dragon is one of the most popular forms of bearded dragons. As almost all the types are achieved via genetic mutation, there is little need to say that this version is also the result of a similar process.  

Let us talk a bit about the general introduction of the species. After that, we will jump into more technical parts of the subject matter. 

For what you need to know, paradox bearded dragon is one of the most beautiful forms of the bearded dragon. If you are not an owner of a bearded dragon already, and you have seen one of your friends holding a magnificent lizard in his or her arms.

A creature that is breathtaking and astonishingly beautiful at the same time. Then, the chances are that you have seen a paradox bearded dragon. Because the overall looks of this type of morph are truly unmatched. 

For the most part, when you are searching for bearded dragons online, then you might get most of the recommended pictures of paradox bearded dragons. Because of the looks that they have and the rare type of gene pool that they belong to, it makes them one of the costliest types of this animal as well. 

Let me tell you some other facts [visually] about this animal. Paradox bearded dragons have one of the most beautiful and rare types of color patterns. They have different and full of variety color patches over their body.

The fun thing about this is that these patches appear randomly anywhere on the body. You cannot find any type of symmetry or any specific pattern of them. 

It’s almost like when you plant grass seeds, you cannot expect it to have a specific pattern. It can form in any pattern possible. Just like that, the color patches on the paradox bearded dragon are totally random yet every single one of them is beautiful enough to be mesmerized off. 

it seems like that the better dragon has been sprayed or randomly splattered with paint. And just as you cannot predict the pattern of splattered paint, the paradox bearded dragons have unmatched and unpredictable color patches over their skin. 

Variations and genetic details of paradox bearded dragon

You can never predict the color or the pattern of a paradox bearded dragon. In most cases, you might be thinking that the base color will be kind of an orange tint, and over it, you will see blue colors platter.

But that is wrong. You cannot even predict the base color or the pattern color.

There is also the chance of being totally different combination of both of the pattern and the base color.

You can also see that some of the paradox bearded dragons don’t have anything in common. Especially in terms of their pattern or their color selection. 

But if you think about probability, the purple/ blue type of tint is more common in the paradox bearded dragon. The truth is that this type of bearded dragon can be of any color

Variations and genetic details of paradox bearded dragon

You can never predict it with 100% accuracy. There are some breeders of bearded Dragons that refer to these types of bearded Dragons as a purple paradox. The reason is that the pattern color is similar or somewhat resemblances to the purple color.

But the truth is that more or less it is just done to make it sound more interesting full stuff because paradox better Dragons are basically the best and the most beautiful looking bearded dragons ever. 

Instead of the “purple” fact, it is still accepted that the purple or near to the purple type of paint is not common in every bearded dragon in the paradox class as well. Hence, the probability of not being the same is still high. 

More details on paradox bearded dragon

The overall quality of the genetic mutation of a paradox bearded dragon has two different measures. The first one is obvious, the color factor. And As for the second one, it is exactly how much of the body is exactly covered with the paradoxical color shifts.

Let me explain to you in a simple way. The first one is already understandable. As for the second one, if we assume that the overall paradox bearded dragon has a skin of around 10 square inches, then exactly how much of those 10 square inches are covered with the paradox pattern. 

The best form of paradox Dragons is those that have severely vibrant color combinations and a higher number of distinct patches of paradoxical patterns. This means that the more the variety of patterns inside a single dragon, the better that it gets.

In the world of paradox bearded dragons, the more variety that you have within the smaller space, the better and the rarer that it gets. Paradox bearded dragons are not born with the patterns. This means that when they have just hatched from their eggs, they do not look like paradoxes.

At the beginning stage and the early ages of their lives, they are completely similar to the other/ common/ normal bearded Dragons. The overall color shift that we are talking about happens at a later time.

Not in fact, right after they get out of their eggs. But more likely to be at least after the first few months of their lives. Within these first few months that we’re talking about, the color shifts start to develop at a slow pace.

At first, it might seem only like a small patch of dirt or any type of color degradation over their skin. But as their age matures, the color pattern and the development of color becomes even more obvious.

Basic introduction about genetic mutation and genetic traits

There is a severely large number of mutations that already have been discovered. The overall appearance of bearded Dragons is not the same in different types.

Sometimes, even the size and the pattern of scales can be totally different from the other types.

The best part about is that, there are also possibilities and already existing experiments of genetic mutations and mix breeding.

A mutation 4 slash genetic mutation is basically a change of DNA patterns. A similar type of change/ process basically occurs when the structure of DNA can be altered and then passed down to the upcoming generations. 

Despite of the fact that this article only discusses one type of genetic mutation, there are still a lot of different types of genetic mutations available in the world.

Paradox Bearded Dragon

And this genetic mutation causes the variety of the overall appearance of the bearded dragon. Some of the most common forms of genetic mutation of bearded Dragons are hypomelanism, paradox, dunner, Stripes, and so on. 

Common facts about paradox bearded dragons

It most cases, people think that if you get a paradox bearded dragon, it will always be of the same pattern. That is the first misconception. Paradox bearded dragons can never predict with a specific type of pattern over their skin.

As for a baby paradox bearded dragon, you need to be persistent and also take care of the animal to help it fully achieve its beauty. As we have already discussed in a previous part of this article, baby bearded Dragons do not develop or show any symptoms of the paradox patterns over their skins at all.

Right after they have been hatched from the egg, they seem quite like the normal/ regular bearded Dragons. 

And the second thing about getting a purple paradox bearded dragon is that it would be best if you get it at a younger age. The problem is that, at the younger stages of its life, you will not be able to see the paradox patterns.

You need to wait until a couple of months. That is why, if you really want a specific type of bearded dragon in the paradox category, it is recommended that you get it from a person that you personally know full stuff in that way, he will be able to breed the bearded Dragons and also provide you with just the perfect genetic mutation that you require. 

In many of the cases, it has been seen that people get a specific type of paradox bearded dragon but after a certain time, it turns out to be another one. 

Because that is the exact nature of paradox bearded dragon. You can never predict the overall statistics and also the overall appearance of the bearded dragon itself. If you really want to do that cover you need to be persistent and also you need to be totally relying on luck. Because paradox bearded dragons do not have any specific pattern that you can predict with. 

Nature and habit of paradox bearded dragon

At the very first, you need to understand the nature of the paradox bearded dragon. This means that the bearded dragon of the paradox category will still have the basic features.

Such as cold blood, heat-seeking, humid and warm weather tendency, and so on. Bearded Dragons are moreover one of the most fragile animals in the lizard class. 

As far as their other reptilian counterparts go, bearded Dragons do not have any strong type of digestive system or immune system.  That is exactly why we need to be besides about the steps and the matters that we are taking As for the approach of getting the bearded dragon a proper life and health system. In most cases, our irresponsibility is what causes the most severe problems.

Details of the genetic trait

The genetic trait of a paradox bearded dragon can never be totally explained. And there is a reason for that. Because of the fact that the paradox genetic mutation is never caused by one specific mutation.

There are several mutations and several genetic changes happening at the same time. This causes the bearded dragon to have irregular and unprecedented patterns of colors. 

As you already have understood from the explanation of this article. Paradox bearded dragons are a really rare and unprecedented type of bearded dragon.

This means that the color pattern on their body is not going to be the same in two different Dragons. And there is very much possible that ten different paradox better dragons might have totally different color patterns and combinations on them.

Even the base color and the layout color might not be the same in two different Dragons.


Explanation and concept of paradox bearded dragon

There is a common for slash general idea in the public. And the idea is that if you want to create a paradox bearded dragon, you need to breed a trance bearded dragon to another trance bearded dragon. And many people even still believe this to the date.

It is indeed, somewhat of a true fact that paradox bearded dragons have a higher chance of existing from a trance pair of parents.

But most of the bearded Dragons by this process are really prone to not living for a long time. It is also reported that such type of bearded Dragons has a tendency to death At an early stage of their life. 

The reason is that it is never recommended that you should breed a bearded dragon from trans to transfer stop because doing so might cause the lethal gene in their trade to be active.

And once the lethal gene has been activated, it is very much possible that one in every four children might be able to live at all. Because the very nature of little gene is that it kills around 75% of the babies/offspring. 

To some extent, you cannot even expect at 100% accuracy that you are going to have a paradox bearded dragon once it grows up. As there are several genetic mutations at play at the same time, you need to be persistent and also patient enough to get the chance to see a paradox bearded dragon.

Now, here comes the most important question of all time. “what if you breed a paradox bearded dragon with another one?”. The thing is that that is actually the best way to get a paradox bearded dragon full of stuff but you need to remember that if you like the pattern of the parent.

Dragons and you want the baby to have similar patterns, then you are just wasting your time.  Because paradox bearded dragons cannot verify it by any specific pattern. If you’re looking for a similar pattern in an offspring cover then you’re just wasting your time.

You need to learn that paradox bearded dragons can never be defined in any specific patterns. This means that if you have 10 paradox bearded dragons, every single one of them might have totally different type of color pattern and combination.

At all stages, you need to have the proper mentality to consider the fact that paradox bearded dragons are not something that you’re going to have or achieve that easily.

Common misconceptions

Many people think that if you breed a paradox with another paradox, you will always get a paradox better dragon. That is not true at all. Paradox bearded dragons might have a severely higher chance of producing another paradox bearded dragon if they are being mated with one another. But that never means that you will have a “100%” possibility of having another paradox bearded dragon. 

If you really want to get paradox bearded dragons, breeding from the same kind will give you definitely a higher chance of getting one. But never the absolute one.

Paradox bearded dragons are one of the most beautiful and rare list kinds of bearded Dragons. That’s why there are very few of them that you might see on a regular basis. But that type of bearded dragon can only be seen if achieved through a specific type of genetic mutation in a specific environment. 

So, unless a person is really an expert in this case, no one can absolutely guarantee or even ensure the possibility of getting a paradox bearded dragon once the new hatchlings grow up. We have discussed that baby bearded Dragons in the paradox category do not show any type of patterns unless a couple of months. 


How to breed a paradox bearded dragon

After your friend has checked the bearded Dragons’ age, length, other parameters, for the optimal breeding condition, it is very important that the minimum age for the male bearded dragon is at least 18 months. And As for the female paradox bearded dragon, the minimum age is around 24 months old.
For physical parameters, the overall length is to be around 18 inches at least from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. And the overall weight of a bearded dragon should be around 350 grams in general.

How can you tell if your bearded dragon is a paradox?

At the earlier stages, there is absolutely no way to know this. But after a couple of months of age has passed, you can certainly tell this. If your bearded dragon is showing irregular and colors splatter like patterns of color over the base color of its body all around its skin, it means that it is one of the paradox bearded dragons. And you can easily distinguish the paradox bearded dragon by the irregular pattern over their body and not being able to match the pattern with anything else.

What is a paradox bearded dragon?

A paradox better dragon is one of the most beautiful and most popular genetic mutations of bearded Dragons. It has an irregular pattern of color all over its body with attractive combination end designs. The paradox bearded dragon and its pattern of color can never be predicted.


In this article, we discussed about paradox bearded dragon and its genetic traits. If you have any questions about any part of this article, please let us know in the comments section. You can also ask or recommend any type of content that you would like us to cover in our future articles.

Just leave us a comment letting us know what you think. You can also reach us directly with the contact information given at the bottom of this page. 

At the end, we would like to say a few words about paradox bearded dragons. This type of dragon is quite rare and also popular for its beautiful look. As their patterns are literally mesmerizing and astonishing, there is a lot of hype going on around regarding them.

But at all stages of being a pet owner, you need to be responsible and cautious. Because the lives that are on our hands are totally our responsibilities. And one wrong step can cause a catastrophic disaster. We need to be properly aware and attentive to all of the steps that we are taking. From feeding habits to enclose assistance, we need to be in charge and in control of every single situation that there is to cover. 

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