Can bearded Dragons eat lavender? – It’s safe

Can bearded dragons eat lavender? Yes, bearded Dragons can eat lavender. In fact, it is one of the plants that is in the “safe” category for bearded Dragons.

Beardies usually can eat a variety of flowers. Flowers are safer than fruits actually. Due to their less density of the minerals needed for a beardie. But in the flowers section, what would happen if you feed lavender to your beardie? Can bearded dragons eat lavender with zero negative effects?

Lavender is one of the flowers that are totally safe for bearded Dragons. But in general, it should not be fed as regular food.

Rather than it should be given to bearded Dragons as an occasional treat. Let’s dive deep into the details of Can bearded Dragons eat lavender.

Can bearded Dragons eat lavender?

Is lavender good for bearded Dragons?

Yes, lavender is good for bearded Dragons. It is safe for Bearded Dragons to eat lavender. If you are looking for Can bearded Dragons eat lavender, there is your answer. Bearded Dragons are naturally omnivorous animals. This means that they can eat both vegetables and non-vegetarian items as well. Lavender is one of the items that are completely safe for bearded Dragons.

Can you give lavender every day to bearded dragon?

It is recommended that you should give lavender as a treat mainly. Not totally as regular food. As there are several other items discussed in other articles of this website you can see that there are a lot of vegetables that you can feed your bearded dragon on a regular basis. But, sometimes, as a change of taste, bearded Dragons also need a few treats.

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You can consider lavender as one of the treats that you can give to your bearded dragon. Rather than giving it on a regular basis, this manner should help your bearded dragon to have a better lifestyle and also a better psychological state.

What flowers can bearded Dragons eat?

Bearded Dragons can eat several flowers. In this list, Bearded Dragons can easily eat boxwood, buttercup, wild daffodil, holly, iris, Ivy, lavender, and other flowers. If you have been searching online about the question “Can bearded Dragons eat lavender?”, you have the answer to that question as well as a complete list of all the flowers that bearded Dragons can easily eat.

Can you feed bearded Dragons any flowers that you want?

No, that is probably not a good idea. Getting proper nutrition from the food that you are feeding your bearded dragon is really important. And as all of the flowers do not have the same amount of nutritional value, it can be even harmful to your bearded dragon if you are feeding anything that you want. Apart from getting any expert opinion or any proper research, feeding any sorts of flowers or vegetables or food items is definitely not recommended.

Flowers have a complex yet balanced level of the vitamins and minerals within themselves. But that does not mean that you can go all buffet mode on bearded dragons with flowers.


To conclude the discussion on can bearded dragons eat lavender, we can only say that is is totally safe and you do not need to worry at all about the side effects. Just be sure that you are following the methods of how to feed lavender to bearded dragons. If you have any questions regarding any of the information, feel free to leave a comment down below. Bearded Dragons can eat lavender. In fact, it is one of the items that can be considered as a safe flower for them.

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But instead of feeding it as a direct food, you should probably give lavender to your bearded dragon as an occasional treat.

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