Can bearded dragons eat pumpkin seeds?

The other day, I was having a conversation about can bearded dragons eat pumpkin seeds or not with one of my neighbor. That lady was really convinced on the theory that she should try doing that. But I’m glad that she didn’t!

Bearded dragons cannot eat pumpkin seeds. The situation can get a bit on the worse side if you are feeding it to them.

Usually, we take seeds like these as common food for pet animals. In most of the cases, to be exact. But what makes pumpkin seeds bad that it is recommended to avoid at all?

Can bearded dragons eat pumpkin seeds

Is pumpkin seed good at all for bearded dragons?

Can bearde dragons eat pumpkin seeds at all? What about if you feed it in really small amount?

The answer will still be on the negative side. The reason is that, the seed contains a lot of good vitamins and minerals, as you would have expected. The main problem is that beardies can not stand any type of condensed amount of minerals. Specially calcium and phosphorus. These two are literally all over the seeds of a pumkin. That is why avoiding them is needed.

Pumpkin flesh is more like a good snack for them. Like, when we are talking about mice or other veg/non-veg items, we say that it is really important for them. As several minerals and nutrients are needed for a healthy beardie. But about pumpkin seeds, the situation is different.

Should you feed pumpkin seeds daily to bearded dragons?

First of all, you should not feed pumpkin seeds to bearded dragons.

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About can bearded dragons eat pumpkin seeds or not, you should never feed pumpkin seeds to a beardie. It can even be lethally toxic for the animal. Imagine fast food for humans. It’s like that. Without that, you won’t die or it won’t be that much of a fact that will raise questions about your survival. But without it, life seems a bit dull and all.

Why pumpkin seeds are harmful for bearded dragons?

Pumpkin flesh is okay for bearded dragons. But definitely not pumpkin seeds. If you were wondering can bearded dragons eat pumpkin seeds or not, then the answer is no.

Pumpkin seeds andskin, both are not good for the beardies. And there is a reason for that.

Seeds of the item contains too much vitamin A for the animal. As we know that overfeeding bearded dragons with anything causes severe amount of problem in the digestive system, it is always recommended to avoid.

What vegetables can you feed your bearded dragons?

There is a massive list of items that can be fed to bearded dragons in the vegetable list. Leafy greens, carrots, sweet potatoes, you name it. But there are a couple of items that should be avoided at all costs.

If you are looking for what vegetables can you feed your bearded dragons, then feel free to check out some of our other articles. We have covered a lot of information on that topic. You will obviously get benefited from that information.

What are the alternative snacks for bearded dragons?

There are quite a few to be accurate. In the vegetables section, you can try leafy greens like celery, broccoli and apple (small pieces). In the non vegetarian section, you have bsfl for bearded dragons, crickets, feeder mice and lots more! Click here to learn more about the list of snacks for bearded dragons.

Can you feed pumpkin to bearded dragons?

Yes, you can. Sometimes, like an occasional snack, pumpkins are great for bearded dragons. Once or twice a week, you can use some chopped pumpkins inside a mixed salad for the beardies. But if you are searching for can bearded dragons eat pumpkin seeds or not, the answer is no.


Feeding pumpkin seed is not good. But there are a few alternatives for giving the beardie a proper snack that you are looking for. You can try out any of the items mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Moreover, you need to be careful enough so that you are not causing any sort of damage for the animal. As pet owners, it is our responsibility that we make sure that our pet animals are getting just the perfect and proper environment that they need.

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