Can bearded Dragons eat Moss?

Moss is not a good choice of food for beardies. This food item makes them sick and even severely damaged in terms of the digestive system and immune balance. Seriously, don’t try to feed moss to bearded dragons.

Some people might tell you that moss is actually suitable for lizards and reptiles. But beardies are different. Moss contains too much toxic material for a bearded dragon to handle. It can cause severe stomach infection and even death for the animals.

Apart from moss, there are a lot of other options in the vegetation section of food for bearded dragons. But they certainly cannot eat moss.

Can bearded Dragons eat Moss

Moss is not good for bearded dragons. But why?

Moss contains too much of the harmful material from the soil. All those can make a beardie really sick. You can find moss almost everywhere. That’s why the theory of feeding moss or letting the beardie eat moss is really common among people. But moss is one of the toughest surviving vegetation in the planet. They absorb almost anything through the soil. During this period, they absorb too much of potassium and calcium from the earth.

This makes moss harmful for bearded dragons.

If bearded dragon eat moss, then what to do?

In an emergency situation, try to feed the beardie plenty of water to make it feel a bit better. But contacting a doctor is the best and the only recommended thing that you should do at once.

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If you fear or know that your beardie has consumed some moss, then it will start to show symptoms of a bad stomach within a short time. For that, you need to consult the vet as soon as possible. You will get some food and medicine recommendations for the bearded dragons to feel better. Follow the instructions from the vet and everything will be back to normal pretty soon.


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