Can bearded dragons eat steak? (don’t overdo!)

Beardies are really cute aren’t they? Getting food for a bearded dragon is really convenient as well considering they eat both meat and veggies. But can bearded dragons eat steak?

Steak is actually a good source of food for bearded dragons. They love it, in fact.

Bear in mind that choosing a good for a bearded dragons takes proper care and attention to all of the details. Steak is generally one of the most popular food items in our culture. Even if you are not from the western counterparts of the world, you still might be a fan of it.

So, Can bearded dragons eat steak? Yes, you can easily feed small amount of steak on a limited basis as a source of protein.

Steak is full of protein and iron. Both of them are needed for beardies.

Can bearded dragons eat steak

How to feed steak to bearded dragons 

You need to mainly lightly cook the steak. Learning about can bearded dragons eat steak, you need to learn the process first. The steak cannot be seasoned. Seasoning can harm the bearded dragon. When feeding the dragon, you should think about what would the animal eat if it was out in the wild?

And of course, the elements of the seasoning for the steak would not be on the list of the natural food items for a bearded dragon.

Can you feed steak regularly to bearded dragons? 

No, you cannot. Steak for bearded dragons is only recommended as an emergency source of foods. In situations when you are unable to manage or collect the live feeders like mice and other insects in the list of food for beardies, steak can be used as an alternative in that case. 

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How much steak can a bearded dragon eat? 

Around 100 grams of meat is appropriate for bearded dragons. That is to be done on a weekly basis. You can feed a generous amount o mice to bearded dragons. But do not feed steak more than once in a week. And only do this if you are in need of sudden protein source. Not more than that. Because overfeeding can cause some serious damage to the internals of the animal. But can bearded dragons eat steak while it is raw? Mostly not. The raw meat of a steak contains too much iron for the animal to handle.


Bearded dragons are one of the most amazing looking lizards. Their behavior, their nature amazes us all. But to take care of a beardie, you really need to be careful. Because any wrong step might injure the animal from the inside.

Let’s draw a conclusion and look at what have we learnt here. Can bearded dragons eat steak? Yes, they can. But the amount is really low and also you cannot feed steak on a daily basis.

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