Can bearded dragons eat turnip greens?

Turnip greens are considered one of the ideal classes of vegetables for bearded dragons and other lizards in the same class.

In this article, we will discuss can bearded dragons eat turnip greens or not. In the first sentence, you already have your answer. Throughout the rest of this content, we will look into further details of the things that you should know about.

Bearded Dragons are considered one of the friendliest results to have as a pet animal. But this “friendly” nature also comes along with its own sets of downsides. The not atypical downside to being exact. Every single animal has its own nature and natural habitat.

And as being a bit owner, it is our duty to respect that genetic nature. Just like bearded Dragons. They are tropical animals. Bearded Dragons are mostly found in the Australian and southern Asian and Middle Eastern regions. This means that they have a genetic tendency of coping along with the hot climate.

Cold countries such as the United States and the UK are not actually suitable for these lizards. This means that if you want to have a bearded dragon as your pet animal cover you need to be cautious about yourself and also what you are doing with the animal. Because it is a life that is on your hands and it is your responsibility to make sure that it’s getting along with the environment just perfect.

Bearded dragons, as pet animals, are getting popular in the US region. But people don’t know that much about animals. They don’t know about the processes that should be followed for the animal to strive in a friendly environment. That is why we are here. This website is dedicated to those who are interested in keeping a pet bearded dragon. And we go beyond limits to give you proper information about the animal so that you can have a perfect time and management of the animal.

Bearded dragons and turnip greens

In this part, we will be clarifying some basic information about the main question. Mainly, it can be a bit confusing. Bearded dragons are omnivorous animals. This means that they eat both veg and non-veg items on a regular basis.

When people hear this, they think that they can feed their bearded dragons with basically anything that they want. That is not the reality.

The truth is that people often fail to understand the necessity of a complex and yet all-around diet for animals.

Just like human beings come up animals also have a sophisticated digestive system. In which, they can accept some items and reject some others.

If you want your bearded dragon to have a perfect diet list, it is important for having an all-around diet chart. Both vegetarian items and non-vegetarian items are important for a bearded dragon. It is compulsory that a bearded dragon is receiving proper nutrition from both the type of food that they are to consume.

turnip Bearded dragons and turnip greens

Vegetables are always necessary for a bearded dragon. They should always receive plenty of vegetarian nutrition. This is very important for a bearded dragon to have a proper healthful stop the vegetables provide essential minerals and important nutrients to their diet chart. To do that, turnip greens are one of the best options. Turnip greens are basically one of the most important parts of the vegetable list for a bearded dragon to eat.

Leafy greens in the dark section are simply great for the lizards’ weekly list of dietary consumption. Leafy greens that are comparatively dark in color such as spinach put a lot of important vitamins and minerals without containing any type of toxicity for the bearded dragon.

So, if you have a question regarding can bearded Dragons eat turnip greens or not, the answer is yes. There are lots of different questions that may cause confusion inside the minds of the bearded dragon owners. Questions such as can bearded Dragons eat collard greens are quite common. All of these questions will be answered throughout the rest of the article.

Benefits for the bearded dragons in turnip greens

Wondering how much benefit it gives? A lot, to be exact. The reason why this is being recommended so much is that it makes a perfect solution for the animal. As we have promised, we are here to give you the best and the most authentic information regarding bearded Dragons.

All of our information is backed up by proper sources and verified databases. There are a couple of public databases that can be used by you as well. The nutritional database of the United States is one of them.

As you are willing to learn about what greens can bearded Dragons eat, you can find a lot of useful information there. In this article, we have compiled the most important parts for you to have a quick look at.

We can easily learn about the relevant nutrition data for a bearded dragon. Let’s start with a simple one. Bearded Dragons are not usually habituated with drinking water. The reason is that bearded Dragons are mostly found in the desert countries such as Australia and the Middle Eastern region.

For this recent, they have adopted a different method of fulfilling the necessity of liquids inside their body. They usually consume the amount of water that they need inside their body through what they eat. Similarly, you might see that if any one of your friends has rabbits.

You will say that it is not necessary to give water to the rabbit. The reason is that rabbits consume a lot of grass which is filled with water elements. That consumption makes up for the necessity of water inside the body of the rabbit. Quite a similar situation is also applicable for bearded Dragons.

It is usually recommended to feed your bearded dragon with proper turnip greens. There is a reason for that. Bearded Dragons usually consume a lot of water that they need through turnip greens. And the ratio of water inside turnip greens is really high.

To be exact, 100 grams of turnip green contained 89.7 grams of water. But don’t be alarmed with this information. Even after consuming a comparatively higher amount of water, there are lots of space left in the tight list for other nutrients.

Necessity of different vitamins and nutrients for bearded Dragons

In this part, we will discuss about the basic items in the nutrients list. Before that, there are some of the basic things that we need to discuss. The basic need in the list of vitamins for a bearded dragon consists of a lot of vitamins A and C.

This is not just it. If you feed your dragon with an excessive amount of vitamin A, then it can cause toxicity. You need to be cautious at all times. Vitamin C is important for the bearded dragon to keep their internal functions intact and running properly. It also helps to improve their immune system. The healing process of a bearded dragon is also greatly benefited by the consumption and proper measurement of vitamin A and C.

Maintaining a proper ratio of calcium and phosphorus is also really important for a bearded dragon. bearded Dragons need a balanced ratio of phosphorus and calcium. Any abnormality in this ratio can cause bone disease and digestive issues.

But the fun part is that you can feed the proper amount of turnip greens to your bearded dragon without any sort of worry. Turnip greens are low in the level of calories and the total amount of sugars. Which can limit the possibilities of blood sugar issues and bone deficiencies inside bearded Dragons. In the next part, we will discuss regarding can bearded Dragons have mustard greens or not.

Can bearded dragons eat mustard and turnip greens

The turnip green part, you already know about that. The previous paragraph is on this exact topic. But what about mustard greens?

Bearded Dragons can safely consume mustard greens as well. Mustard greens contain high levels of calcium and low level of phosphorus.

Which is ideal for the bearded dragon to have in its vegetable diet. Also, it is very important that it has a balanced amount of water and other elements such as calcium, iron, other important minerals.

bearded dragons eat mustard

How to prepare turnip greens for your bearded Dragons

Now, you have to answer your question. Can bearded Dragons eat turnip greens? Of course, taken. It is time for us to learn about how to prepare them. Because the serving method has a creative role to play. Sometimes, the same food if not chopped correctly, can cause damage to the intestines of the bearded dragon.

You can give turnip greens to bearded Dragons every day. You can serve it with the other vegetables that you are giving to the animal. There is also an opportunity to mix everything up and serve it as a combined salad. It is recommended that you give your bearded Dragons raw turnip greens. Cooking or steaming any of it might cause it to lose its nutrients. It is highly recommended that all foods are to be served row to the bearded dragon. Unless anything contrary has been recommended.

Before serving any vegetables, make sure that you have cleaned them thoroughly. This is important to get rid of any sort of dirt or potential chemicals. It is very often seen that vegetables have been produced with fertilizers and pesticides. That is done to increase production and reduce losses by any natural circumstances. That is why it is important to wash the vegetables properly at least three times.

If you cook your turnip greens, it will break down some of the chemical boundaries. It will also make the food less effective and healthy for the lizard. Just make sure that you have washed the vegetables thoroughly at least two or three times before serving it. Then chop it down into small pieces full of stuff that is the best thing that you can do.

Turnip greens as a source of calcium

We have already discussed in a previous part of this article that calcium and phosphorus need to be in a proper and balanced ratio. Turnip greens are a great source of calcium for your bearded dragon. It is important that you maintain a proper diet list for the animal.

Check out the other articles published on our website to gain access to more information that might change all of your difficulties.

We have discussed several information on the animal. There are also several charts for data on the nutritious values of different items that you can give to your bearded dragons.

Bar 100 grams of item, turnip greens contain 190 milligrams of calcium. Whereas on the other hand, spinach contained 99MG, broccoli contains 47MG asparagus contains 24 milligrams of calcium.

You can understand by this data that turnip greens are the best solution to give your bearded Dragons every day.

Can bearded dragons eat turnip greens?

Can baby bearded Dragons eat turnip greens

Baby bearded Dragons are the most fragile ones. It is important that you maintain the perfect diet list at all costs. The reason is that the digestive system and the intestines of a baby bearded dragon are quite fragile. If you are not playing your role within a cautious parameter, you can cause several damages to the animal. And your irresponsible actions can cause even death to the result. Which is never expected.

As pet owners, it is our duty to be responsible for the lives that are in our hands. Regarding the question about can baby bearded Dragons eat turnip greens, the answer is yes. Turnip greens are the best choice of food for your baby bearded Dragons. It is one of the essential items that you can keep in your food bowl for bearded Dragons that are babies.

Baby or juvenile dragons grow at a tremendous rate. Within just a week, you would be quite amazed by how much the animal has grown. Baby dragons require a lot of steady and maintained diet. And the need for the overall calcium and phosphorus can be overcome by turnip greens.

Is there any possible downside for bearded Dragons to eat turnip greens?

There are absolutely no downsides for your bearded Dragons to eat turnip teens. As turnip greens are one of the most excellent sources of important minerals and water for them, it is important that you keep them on your regular diet list. To have a healthy and balanced diet, turnip greens are one of the most important elements in the food list of a bearded dragon.

In some cases, if you feel or if your vet has recommended giving more amount of calcium and water to your bearded dragon. You should increase the level and limit of turnip greens in its regular diet chart. That should help the bearded dragon a lot in terms of recovery and also building a stable immune system.

The other green elements that you should feed your bearded dragon might contain an excessive amount of vitamin A. regular vegetables such as sweet potatoes contain a higher level of vitamin A full stop and if you feed your bearded dragon with too many sweet potatoes, it can cause toxicity of excessive vitamin A full stop and vitamin A toxicity can be even lethal to the animal if it gets out of the hand.

In such cases, giving your bearded dragon an extra amount of turnip greens can help a lot. As vitamin C and other important minerals help the bearded dragon to grow and develop a better immune system, it is one of the best solutions for having a healthy physical condition for the animal.

Does a bearded dragon like turnip greens?

Bearded Dragons are rather picky in terms of choosing their favorite food. Even if their most favorite food is not presented in an ideal way, they can show symptoms of not liking it or unwillingness of eating the food that you have presented.

So come at a selection of food as well as the form that you are giving it is really important. On this note, Bearded Dragons have a higher amount of liking to turnip greens. Turnip greens contain lots of juicy elements which supply your bearded dragon with the proper amount of water.

Regarding the other elements, we have other detailed posts about can bearded Dragons eat sweet potatoes and similar other topics. Feel free to check them out to learn all the information.

How much turnip green can you feed your bearded dragon

Have you been reading throughout this entire post? Then you already know that turnip greens are really good for bearded Dragons. And, they also quite seem to like it and enjoy it a lot. You can basically feed your bearded Dragons with turnip greens every day. It is one of the most important elements to be included in their everyday diet list.


Can bearded Dragons eat turnip greens daily?

Yes, they can. Bearded Dragons like turnip greens. Also, they enjoy eating it a lot. Apart from that cover turnip greens are a great source for important minerals and developments for bearded Dragons. If you include turnip greens as a regular food item in their diet list, it will help in terms of building a proper immune system and also a healthy physical condition for them.

Can bearded Dragons have turnip greens?

Yes, they can. Bearded Dragons can have turnip greens as a regular item. It is a great source of calcium and phosphorus and other important minerals for them. It is also quite healthy for their everyday routine.

What greens can bearded Dragons not eat?

There are some greens that should not be fed to a bearded dragon. Greens such as lettuce, avocados, beat drops, over-aged spinach should be avoided. For more information check out our other articles on this. And if you require further information, please feel free to leave a comment down below and we will be more than happy to help you out in this case.

Are any greens toxic to bearded Dragons?

Yes, there are some greens that can be toxic to bearded Dragons. Lettuce is one of them. The letter is a vegetable that you should avoid. Contrary to common belief, lettuce does not have any type of important nutritious value for bearded Dragons. It can sometimes cause diarrhea and several other digestive conditions for them.

What is in turnip greens?

Turnip greens are well enriched in their nutrition and mineral data. They contain a higher amount of water, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C, and other important minerals.

What kind of salad can I feed my bearded dragon?

There is a proper list of healthy grains for bearded Dragons. It is mentioned in another article on this website. You can combine all of the greens that have been recommended for bearded Dragons. And then makes them up together and also chop them up in small pieces to make a mixed salad and serve it to the bearded dragon.


In this article, we discussed about can bearded Dragons eat turnip greens or not. If you have any requirement of information, please let us know. Bear Dragons can eat turnip greens. In fact, it is one of the most important elements to be included in their daily diet. Turnip greens help bearded Dragons to increase their immune system and physical condition as well as maintain a healthy amount of calcium and phosphorus ratio.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information discussed in this article, please leave a comment below. If you require any other information regarding bearded Dragons, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or even you can reach us directly with the contact information given at the bottom of this page. Remember, it is our duty as pet owners to be responsible for the lives that are in our hands. We need to be cautious and attentive to the need and necessities of the animals that we are responsible for.

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