Can bearded dragons eat honey?

So, if you want a straight-cut answer to the question “can bearded dragons eat honey?”; no, bearded dragons cannot eat honey. So, before starting to feed them, honey, right away, you need to learn all the aspects and information on that.

Why is honey bad for bearded dragons?

Honey is not ideal for bearded dragons. So, can bearded dragons eat honey or not, then the answer is no, they can’t. The reason is that honey contains too many sugar substances.

And you might think that sugar is never toxic. It might only make someone feel uncomfortable. But bearded dragons and humans are not the same things,

These small creatures evolved around the wild and desert environment. Their natural habitat doesn’t contain that much of sugar or glucose substances.

That is why they are not capable of handling higher levels of sugar in their dietary consumption.

Can bearded dragons eat honey

Is it safe to mix honey with other food items for bearded dragons?

Not totally safe, but at the same time, not that unsafe as well. Studies and data from the nutrition values of the material shows severely high amount of sugar in honey.

That is why it is always recommended that you do not feed honey to bearded dragon. Can bearded dragons eat honey? It might be possible that you mix just a few drops on top of the salad that you are giving the bearded dragon.

But there is a catch. The amount needs to be precise. Not only that but there are different types of honey as well. The type of honey mainly depends of the source from which the bees have gathered it.

That brings us to another confusing situation. As different types of honey contain different levels of sugars, then if you are planning on mixing a few drops, you need to consider the total amount of sugar present as well.

That is why, this question “can bearded dragons eat honey?” make so many people confused at the same time. Maybe, that is also the reason why, honey is directly forbidden to be fed to bearded dragons as well. Whichever the case may be, in a generic sense, it is preferrable that you do not feed honey to bearded dragons.

Does a bearded dragon need sugar?

Not exactly. Bearded dragons are naturally omnivorous. And from the origin that we know about them, the involvement of sugar is not that much present in their natural food habit. As for the glucose presence, the basic food that they consume on a regular basis is pretty much enough for them. So, can bearded dragons eat honey? No, they can’t. And probably by this point, you already know why.


Honey is considered as one of the most beneficial elements for mankind. But the same is not available for bearded dragons. If you searched for can bearded dragons eat honey or not, then the answer is no, they cannot. Honey has too much sugar that can cause toxic situation for the bearded dragons. And you should not feed them, honey.

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