Can bearded dragons eat bacon? – Avoid this!

Bacon is never suggested to be a thing to munch on for beardies. Bearded dragons cannot eat bacon. And you shouldn’t try to mix the thing with any other food item as well. Bacon is not in the category for good food for them. But can bearded dragons eat bacon in any other form? This is a pretty legit question to have in your head. The thing is that, in some of the previous contents, we have mentioned that any type of cooked or processed food is never suggested for bearded dragons.

So, I think you can already understand why it is said to avoid bacon for bearded dragons.

Why bacon is not good for bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons are never good with cooked or processed food. Here are some information about can bearded dragons eat bacon.

First, cooked food is not recommended for beardies. There are two reasons for this. One is that cooked food tend to lose some of the raw potentials and nutrients. Two, cooked food contain unnatural level of some condensed minerals and proteins, which makes it hard for the beardie to digest properly.

Bearded dragons have a long history of eating desert-area insects and dried vegetables. But that doesn’t mean that they can be fed with bacon. Bacon is going to be almost lethal for them to digest and to process.

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When you are giving cooked or processed food for beardies, it is never good. So, not only for bacons, but for any processed foods. You need to remember, no dry foods, no processed foods.

So, if you were still wondering about can bearded dragons eat anything similar to bacon or not, the answer will still be the same for that.

Can bearded dragons eat bacon

Can bearded dragons eat meat?

Yes, they can. But if they can eat meat, then why are we answering can bearded dragons eat bacon in the most negative tone possible? Did it occur to you?

Meat is obviously good for bearded dragons. As they are omnivores animals, they eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Hence, meat is one of the items that can be given to bearded dragons. You might think, if you can give meat, then why you can’t give bacon to bearded dragons?

The reason is simple. You can’t give dry or processed food to bearded dragons. They cannot digest such types of food items. And sometimes, if you are constantly feeding similar items, then the beardie can even face lethal situations.

What are the safe items for bearded dragon in the non-veg class?

Beaded dragons can eat lots of different types of food. But at all times, you need to remember that you cannot give any sort of processed food to beardies. For as long as you can remember that you need to produce raw and unprocessed foods to the bearded dragon.

Whenever you are giving any sort of processed food, it is possible that the bearded dragon might face digestive issues. And that is why, you need to remember that producing raw food is the best thing ever.


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